Lebanese Politician & Businessman Michel Mecattaf Just Passed Away

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The former owner of the newspaper Nidaa-Al-Watan and businessman Michel Mecattaf, aged 52, died from a heart attack this Friday, March 18th.

The Lebanese businessman ran in the list of the Lebanese Forces party for the parliamentary elections of 2018 and was previously a member of the Kataeb party.

Until his demise, Michel Mecattaf was the CEO of the Mecattaf company, a foreign currency and fund transfer specialist.

He and his company have been the target of a series of cases by Judge Ghada Aoun since 2021, accusing him of alleged money laundering through his company.

Michel Mecattaf is a father of three, and the husband of Nicole Gemayel, daughter of former president Amine Gemayel and sister to Samy Gemayel, head of the Kataeb Party.