PM Mikati Calls On Kordahi To Give Priority To The National Interest


Prime Minister Najib Mikati delivered a speech regarding the Lebanon-Gulf crisis a week after it erupted.

He mentioned in his statements that the personal positions of the Minister of Information George Kordahi brought Lebanon into the boycott by the Gulf states, adding that “those who think that they can remove Lebanon from its Arab bosom, especially Saudi Arabia, are mistaken.”

In his statements about the ongoing Lebanon-Gulf Crisis, Mikati repeated the call to Kordahi, asking him “to exercise his conscience and take the position that should be taken, as well as giving priority to the national interest over populist slogans.”

The Lebanese Premier mentioned that the government was blocked from within, stating that “the Council of Ministers is the natural place to discuss files away from dictates, and no Lebanese team can represent the country on its own.”

“Mistaken are those who believe that obstruction and raising the political ceiling is the solution,” he added.

The Lebanese Prime Minister also discussed the political interference in the judiciary.

He stated that some political parties tempted the cabinet to interfere with a judicial order and that this matter has a negative impact on Lebanon. He noted that this has made him determine the axioms by which he would deal with any judicial file.

In his words, he refers to Hezbollah and Amal that attempted to disrupt the cabinet amid the summoning of MP Ali Hassan Khalil over the Beirut Port Blast. Both parties demanded that the government remove Judge Tarek Bitar from the case.

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PM Mikati Calls On Kordahi To Give Priority To The National Interest

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