Najib Mikati Has Just Been Reelected Lebanon’s Prime Minister

Article updated June 23rd, 5:56 pm

Najib Mikati has been elected as prime minister during Thursday’s binding parliamentary consultations at Baabda Palace, following the legislative elections held last month.

54 MPs voted for Mikati, 46 placed a blank vote, 25 votes for Nawaf Salam, 1 vote for Saad Hariri, and 1 vote for Rawa Hallab.

The Lebanese Forces (LF) decided to endorse the parliamentary consultations, resulting in 19 blank votes.

Mikati managed to secure the position of prime minister-designate, with the Amal Movement supporting him with 15 votes.

New Lebanese Government Will Hold Its First Meeting On Monday
Al Jazeera

This is Mikati’s 4th time serving as prime minister, and he is required to form a new Cabinet that will last until President Michel Aoun’s six-year term ends in October.

The main objective of the new government is to discuss a recovery plan for Lebanon’s deteriorating economy with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which pledged in April to fund $3 billion over four years.

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