Mikati Is Calling For LibanPost To Be Investigated


Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati has asked Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim to conduct a thorough investigation into the activities of LibanPost.

The aim is to determine if any offenses, violations, or abuses have been committed by it or its owners or managers.

If any irregularities are found, Mikati has stated that appropriate legal action should be taken.

Mikati holds ownership in LibanPost which has come under public scrutiny over a decision to allow LibanPost to continue to pay taxes at the 1,500LL rate rather than the proposed adjusted rate that other businesses are expected to operate in.

In the notice, Mikati also addresses accusations made against the company and himself “whenever the issue of LibanPost is raised, some media platforms launch accusations against the company and against us under the excuse that it is owned by us.”

He also notes that the caretaker Cabinet had recently authorized the telecom minister to sign a release of responsibility contract with the company and that this decision was based on applicable laws and regulations.

Mikati requests that the investigation be conducted in the interest of transparency and to counter false accusations and unjust targeting.

According to Executive Magazine, LibanPost is was taken over in 2002 by “a consortium of Lebanese investors including the Mikati family, Bank Audi and affiliates of Bank Audi. In 2011, Bank Audi and its affiliates left their place to the Saradar group which now shares the ownership of the postal operator with the Mikatis’ M1 Capital.”

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