Mike Massy to hold a Christmas concert in Maghdouché!

The Lebanese artist Mike Massy is playing the role of Jesus in the major French musical titled “

Jésus, de Nazareth à Jérusalem

.” (Jesus, from Nazareth to Jerusalem) The musical was produced by Pascal Obispo and Christophe Barratier. They chose Mike Massy to play the role of Jesus mainly because he is a talented singer and actor, and also because he has a Middle Eastern look. Pascal Obispo is the editor-in-chief of the new magazine which is dedicated to Jesus. Titled “Jésus!”, 60,000 copies of the 128-page-publication are available in libraries and kiosks in France. Mike Massy is

featured on the cover

! After his huge success in France, Mike is coming to Lebanon to perform a Christmas concert in Our Lady of Mantara Basilica in Maghdouché! In fact, it is believed that the cave below the Marian shrine is where the Virgin Mary was waiting for Jesus when they were in Sidon. He will be accompanied by the choir of Notre Dame University and Father Khalil Rahmé. The concert will be held on December 18th at 8:30 PM. The entrance is free of charge! For more information, click



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