Lebanese Infant Is Running Out Of Time In The Battle For Her Life, You Can Save Her


When she was only 4 months old, Mila Ahmad Marzouk was diagnosed with a life-limiting disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 (SMA1).

It is estimated that 1 in every 6,000 to 10,000 babies worldwide is born with a type of SMA. Type 1 is the most severe form of SMA.

With SMA1, babies have trouble breathing, feeding, swallowing, and cannot sit without support. According to Boston Children’s Hospital, many children with type 1 do not live past the age of 2.

A treatment needed for SMA1 is a one-time Zolgensma injection that costs over a whopping $2,125,000 – and Baby Mila, who is now almost 1 year, would need to take it before she turns 2, or it could be too late.

With time running out, her parents are praying that the kindness of good-hearted people will help their only daughter get a chance at life.

For a Lebanese family living in the worst economic crisis in Lebanon’s history, and with no access to their dollars stuck in Lebanese banks, it is almost impossible to secure the funds on their own.

In addition, Mila’s condition has her in and out of hospitals during a global life-threatening pandemic. And, according to Mila’s family, the Lebanese Health Ministry has been of no help.

Despite the many struggles Lebanese are experiencing, regular kind-hearted people have been doing all they can to help Mila. But because of the Lira exchange rate, it’s not enough.

“The treatment is in dollars,” Mila’s mother, Farah, told The961. “Lebanese who are already struggling to make ends meet are helping by donating 100,000 LBP or 200,000 LBP… but this amounts to nothing in USD today.”

Before the economic collapse and depreciation of the local currency, 150,000 LBP was equivalent to $100. Today, 150,000 LBP is less than $15. Those who can donate in USD are very few.

Getting a greater outreach is the only hope for Mila’s family. If her story can reach at least 1 million people who will pay at least $1 (or more!), they will get close to raising the funds needed for Mila’s treatment.

Since December, Mila’s story has been shared by Lebanese media personalities, news channels, influencers, and more.

Right now, the donations are only almost halfway there, but the clock is ticking. Every bit of help is needed to save her life.

It is a must to mention that Mila’s Instagram account was copied by scammers who claim to be the mother in order to redirect donations to them. While that fake account was reported and deleted, donors are urged to beware of any fake accounts trying to exploit Mila’s predicament and ONLY trust this account: @milamarzouk (Instagram). You can even personally reach her mother Farah at +961 71 232 308.

The only trusted ways to donate, according to the family, are the following:

  • Donate through fundraisers: here
  • Donations through OMT: Farah Kamal Foustokly Habbal 00961-71232308
  • Donations in Saudi Arabia: STCPAY 0507014662
  • Paypal: [email protected]
  • MTC at 1199 to 71-232308
  • Alfa at 1313 to 03-299133

Share Mila’s story. Donate. Save her life.

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