MP Nemat Frem Just Resigned From The Lebanese Parliament

The Lebanese have been demanding the resignation of their politicians since the October 2019 Revolution. While they did get some new faces to their government, recent Beirut explosion refueled these demands.

According to the Lebanese people, and foreign countries, the government isn’t doing a good job in handling the aftermath. Days later after the explosion, there are no answers regarding the explosion. And there are no tangible aids from our politicians.

Some members of the parliament, ambassadors, and ministers have finally complied with the street’s demands and resigned but only because of the explosion that took so many lives and revealed the staggering inadequacy of the state.

Paula Yacoubian, Samy Gemayel, Katayeb deputies, Nassif Hitti, Marwan Hamadeh, Tracy Chamoun have so far resigned, as well as the minister of environment and the information minister Abdel Samad; as of the time of writing.

Now, member of parliament Nemat Frem has officialized his resignation.

Frem announced his resignation at a press release in the Maronite Patriarchal Hall in Diman. “I suspend my representative activity until early parliament elections occur,” he said in the press release.

Although, one comment stated that his resignation is invalid, according to section 16 of the constitution. This article states that resigning with specific conditions and without a handwritten resignation to the PM is disabled.

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