Lebanon’s Telecom Minister Just Denied Rumors Of Postponement Of New Prices

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On Thursday, the Minister of Telecommunications Johnny Corm denied rumors circulating on social media about the postponement of the new telecommunications prices.

He stated, “Such news is totally false and the telecom tariff hike decision will be brought into effect starting July 1.”

Corm previously explained to MTV that the new bill “is calculated for cellphones by dividing the current bill by 3 and multiplying it by Sayrafa’s rate, and for Ogero multiplying it by 2.5, but it will be higher for companies.”

He also said that the new tariffs won’t evoke anger on the streets because “the situation is currently different from the past, and citizens are aware of this.”

On Wednesday, Touch and Alfa announced that customers’ balances will be displayed in US dollars at the Sayrafa rate (around LL 25,200) and that they would be applying the new telecom tariffs on July 1.

Beforehand, Lebanon’s telecom bills were at the official exchange rate of LL 1,500.

For the new prices of Alfa, visit here.

For the new prices of Touch, visit here.

For the new prices of Ogero, visit here.

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