The Minister Of Education Wants To Cancel The Baccalaureate Exams For This Year

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Having canceled earlier the Brevet official exams due to the pandemic, Minister of Education Tarek Majzoub is now seeking to cancel the Baccalaureate official exams for the same reason.

He made the announcement on Sunday, explaining that the cancelation, which awaits the approval of the Council of Ministers, will be done according to specific regulations.

“I proposed to cancel the 2020 baccalaureate exams, in accordance with specific regulations that will be discussed in the Council of Ministers,” he said.

He emphasized that all baccalaureate students will pass and obtain their degree, subject that all remaining materials of the curriculum will be covered during their following year of education.

Based on the importance of preserving lives at this stage, Minister Majzoub proposes as well that school and university students continue their education remotely until the end of May.

However, it is up to each school to determine the end of its academic year. As for the universities, they will be presented with a special mechanism for distance education.

“Preserving people’s lives is a priority,” the minister said, promising that his ministry “will make up for the shortcomings next year.”

MP Majzoub had first set the reopening of schools and universities for Friday, May 28th.

However, after consulting with the ministerial committee responsible for monitoring the pandemic, he took these new decisions, stressing that “the health of the students is a priority.”

From his side, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the lifting of the 4-day lockdown imposed earlier due to the sudden emergence of new coronavirus cases.

Therefore, Lebanon is reverting back as of Monday morning to the initial plan of gradual deconfinement. Citizens are urged to maintain precautionary health measures during this time, as new cases are showing up.

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