Employees Of Lebanon’s Education Ministry Are Starting An Open-Strike

Matn Online

Shortly after this year’s official exam results were published, employees at the Ministry of Education announced an open-ended strike in solidarity with the rest of the public administration employees.

They issued a statement where they described the unbearable circumstances they are living in due to the economic crisis.

They stated that due to the exponential rise in fuel prices, the weakness of their salaries, the delay in paying the promised financial aid, and the humiliation they receive when they withdraw their salaries from banks, they can no longer carry on with their jobs.

They thanked the Education Minister Judge Abbas Al Halabi for his efforts, however, they described it as “too little and not enough” to solve their problems.

Unfortunately for all public administration employees, the political stalemate in Lebanon is standing in the way of economic reform. With the likelihood of no government formation any time soon, it seems like the public sector will continue to suffer.

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