Lebanese Authorities Sealed 9 Institutions Violating Health Measures

Jadidouna | Mulhak

The Ministry of Tourism issued a statement saying that the tourism police department has issued these two days 18 arrest warrants against various institutions and sealed close 9 of them.

That brings the number of arrest warrants within 2 weeks to 86, including the closure of 15 institutions, according to the Tourism ministry.

“The health of citizens and the health security of our society remain a priority for us and cannot be tolerated or underestimated,” the statement added.

The ministry reiterated that any institution not abiding by the health measures and procedures of the coronavirus set by the Lebanese authorities will be subject to the evacuation of its visitors.

It also mentioned that “the ministry will publish a list of all the names of all the violating tourism institutions soon.”

This comes after a spike in covid-19 cases after the Christmas holidays with Lebanon reporting 4537 cases on December 30th.

In a press conference on Wednesday, the Minister of Public Health had expressed its deep concern in that regard, confirming that about 65% of people infected by the deadly virus are not vaccinated.

The current health measures will not be lifted until January 9th, 2022 – after the holidays.