The Missing Ukrainian Grain Ship For Lebanon Reappeared, Here’s What We Know


Stories about the first Ukrainian grain ship gone missing recently filled news sites. Now the ship has been spotted, docked in the Syrian port city of Tartous on Tuesday. This is according to a shipping source and satellite data from the port.

The ship was the first grain ship to leave Ukraine after the Russian invasion. The cargo of the ship Razoni was initially to be sold to Lebanon, but the buyer refused since the cargo arrived much later than agreed upon. The cargo has later been bought and sold several times.

The ship docked in Mersin, Turkey just a few days ago, but when it set off on its further journey, had turned its’ transponder off. 

A shipping source confirmed the ship had docked in the Syrian port and was unloading at least some of its cargo.

Ukraine has previously accused Syria of importing 150.000 tons of grain it said was plundered by Russia after the invasion of Ukraine in February. Russia denied stealing any grain from Ukraine. 

Syria is sanctioned by the West over instances happening in the civil war, though food supplies have been exempted by the West. Syria has recognized the regions Donetsk and Luhansk as independent, leading Ukraine to sever diplomatic ties with Syria.

Ukraine’s Ministry of transport has earlier said that it was “not responsible for vessel and cargo after it has left Ukraine, moreover after the vessel departed from a foreign port.”

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