These IG Accounts Just Launched To Locate Shelters & Missing People After Beirut’s Explosion


The Beirut port explosion has impacted Lebanon’s capital severely. The aftermath was compared to that of Chernobyl’s; many lost, dead, and injured people.

In addition to spontaneous initiatives to raise funds and to lend support to the victims, people are also eager to help others find shelter and their missing loved ones

Two new Instagram accounts just launched to do just that, dedicated to finding light in Lebanon’s darkest times.

#1 Locate Victims Beirut

This IG account is dedicated to people looking for their missing family members and friends. Pictures with information about the missing people are being posted and shared, as the nation unites to help each other.

In just a few hours, the account reached 49.5K followers and has been “receiving over 100 messages per minute.”

Beirut’s massive chemical explosion left the capital and its surroundings damaged and doomed. Its buildings became black from the ashes and some, close to the port, tumbled to the floor.

This brutal blast left people panicking and shaking while looking for their missing family members and friends.

Many are rushing to contact this platform to report missing individuals, in hopes of finding them. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been easy at all to even use the internet as the Wi-Fi went down in several areas.

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Check out their Instagram account, and if you know or have seen anyone in the posts, please contact the numbers included or message directly @locatevictimsbeirut.

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اسطفان سعيد روحانا عسكري 81453485

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Not only citizens of Beirut were injured and missing, but many people from other cities who were in the capital at the time of the explosion have been reported missing.

Some of the missing people were seen being transported by civilian cars, and haven’t been seen ever since.

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Locate Victim Beirut is also helping locate the missing people by checking with hospitals and posting lists of names and in which hospital they are being treated.

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Call 70660408

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Found at aumbc !!!!

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In addition to helping with the missing, these awesome people behind that account are posting on their Instagram stories places for those needing shelter.

If you wish to help, visit their account here and share the posts of the missing people.

#2 Shelter For Your Help

This newly launched Instagram account is posting all the availabilities around Lebanon on housing offers.

They have managed to find so far 78 open houses and apartments across the country, including Zgharta, Tyre, Nabatieh, and Batroun.

Once again, the Lebanese are proving to be people of generous hearts, uniting to face calamities together.

They’ve done it all through the economic crisis, the 2019 wildfires, and the revolution and they continue to do so, feeling the demise of the other their own.

They are opening their homes, offering their food, and providing their services, whatever the distance from Beirut. They all feel concerned.

The above post embeds the exact Lebanese spirit. We are here for each other in times of dire need.

For more information about available homes and services, check here as there are plenty of people offering their help.

If you are away from your homeland at the moment and are aching to help wherever you are in the world, you can do so here.

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