Mobile Application To Revive The Public Transport In Lebanon!

The main problem of the public transport system in Lebanon is that it is not organized. So, people opt for taking taxis or buying cars which cost a lot. In order to bring the public transport back to life, a group of students from the American University of Beirut came up with an initiative that will solve the problem of the public transport.

Yalla Bus!

“Yalla Bus” is a mobile application that will enhance the experience of bus users. The application allows users to enter their destination. “Yalla Bus” will indicate the bus number, the path that the bus will follow, as well as the cost of the travel. The application also lets the passengers book a seat and pay online. So, we can say that “Yalla Bus” is the UBER of public transport. This initiative won the competition of “Reimagine Lebanon” which was organized by CMEOffshore. The startup earned $10,000. According to


, the students who are behind this project are Yara Nassar, Therese Kayrouz, Ghassan Zughaib, Johnny El Hajj, Georges Geha, and Pia Saghbini. Therese Kayrouz saw the potential of the public transport of Lebanon when she took the bus for the first time to go to university. According to her, the public transport of Lebanon is judged a lot. However, using it is quite simple, and there isn’t anything scary about it. So, why not make the public transport more pleasant to use to encourage people to take the buses? Also, taking the bus has many benefits: it reduces traffic and air pollution, and it is pocket-friendly. In fact, this project is fully supported by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport. Kudos to the team of “Yalla Bus”!

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