These Are The Reduced Mobile Line Prices For Alfa And Touch!

The Minister of Telecommunications of Lebanon Jamal Jarrah announced the new prices of mobile lines. The prices have been significantly reduced, almost to half for most of them. Jarrah decided to fix the prices of the mobile numbers in order to prevent monopolies and to answer to the needs of consumers. These are the new line prices for Alfa: And these are the ones for Touch:  

The future of the internet in Lebanon

The MoT has been recently doing a good job. In early June, the Cabinet held a session where there was a discussion centered around the MoT’s agenda.

The plan was to reduce the prices of the internet and increase its speed.

The Cabinet decided to allow Lebanon to achieve a milestone in offering a better internet service for users. The internet speed has already become faster. Also, the prices for all the packages have been decreased. In addition to that, the MoT and Ogero will partner-up to build a fiber-optic network. Also, the ministry is planning to replace the copper wire network that links the street cabinets with the central offices with fiber optics. However, the street cabinet and the users will remain connected via copper wires which are going to undergo maintenance. According to Ogero’s Director General Imad Kreidieh, Lebanon will witness many positive changes in the future.

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