Moderna Ranked Among TIME’s Most Influential Companies In 2021


TIME magazine has released its first-ever list of 100 Most Influential Companies, putting the spotlight on companies around the world that are making a global impact.

For its incredible response to the pandemic, Moderna Therapeutics landed a well-deserved spot on the international list.

The company, co-founded and chaired by Lebanese-Armenian Noubar Afeyan, quickly rolled out its mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine with an efficacy rate of 94% that has now been taken by millions.

On Thursday, the company said it is upping its manufacturing capacity to make 3 billion doses in 2022. This year, it even boosted its expectations from 700 million to around 1 billion shots.

One of the 8 Lebanese behind the Moderna vaccine, Associate Director Joe Sarkis, told The961 that the company’s achievement could not have been realized without the many years of investment and research put in the mRNA field.

“I am very proud of the relentless and bold spirit that Moderna’s team pursued each step of the process, not to mention working non-stop during the pandemic. The [number] of hours worked was immaterial to the team; weekends were irrelevant, and, more importantly, everyone was excited and motivated to help move the vaccine forward.”

With a team like that, Moderna’s lasting impact on the world will go down in history.

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