Lebanese Protester And Hezbollah Soldier Shot By Israeli Soldiers At Border Just Passed Away

NNA | @lanaxlevi

21-year-old Mohammed Tahan has passed away from injuries sustained during the protest at the southern border earlier today, NNA confirmed.

He was one of two protesters who were wounded when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fired warning shots and flash grenades towards the Lebanese border.

According to NNA, Tahan passed away in the Marjayoun Governmental Hospital. He was from the coastal town of Adloun.

Earlier this afternoon, dozens of protesters had crossed the border fence between Lebanon and Israel, in a show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Hezbollah Issued a statement calling for him to be mourned as a martyr. A spokeswoman for Hezbollah confirmed to L’Orient Today that he was a party member but denied having given the orders to protest at the border.

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