“Monday of Cars” Event Is Gaining Momentum on Lebanese Social Media

An image has been circulating social media pages promoting an event under the title Monday of Cars. It seems to have come out of nowhere, with no watermark or logo pointing to its original creator, but it has been gaining momentum on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook over the last 24 hours in Lebanon under the tag:  بدنا_نسكر_الطرقات#.


Although the specific action “Monday of cars” calls for is ambiguous, it seems to imply the parking of cars in the middle of as many highways and roads across Lebanon as can be managed, to form an enormous roadblock spanning the entire country. If such a stunt can truly be pulled, it will most likely be extremely difficult for the government to undo its mess without creating an even bigger one.

The wording used in the image seems to have a daring tone directed towards the government and political system; the somewhat sarcastic words on the image translate to:
“They can extinguish burning tires.
 They can bulldoze dirt.
 Where will they go, with a million cars?”


This idea seems to be influenced and inspired by a similar, but less extensive, car-parking initiative that was carried out by Lebanese demonstrators as an extension of their protest, which took place in Jal El Dib on Wednesday, Oct 23rd.

On that day, protesters in the area were forced by the Lebanese Army to remove blockades, clear the streets, and allow vehicles to pass through. In a prompt and spontaneous reaction protesters joined from the city and the annexed one of Zalka, proceeding to park their cars in the middle of the Jal El Dib main road, blocking it completely.


Whether or not “Monday of Cars” is realized, it shows how far Lebanese revolutionists are willing to go to press the government to comply with their demands. It’s a clear statement of defiance and persistence in the face of their opposition.

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