Montreal Is Having a Second Solidarity Protest for Lebanon!

*Please read the disclaimer. We are no longer covering this protest*

We still don’t know how and who initiated the protests in solidarity for Lebanon overseas. We do know though that the first announced protest was that of the Lebanese diaspora in Montreal. From there, the961 went on receiving calls from protests’ organizers around the world to inform our worldwide public about their events, and it has been going around the clock non-stop.


It was a fascinating phenomenon to watch, as it went like an unstoppable wildfire of love and peace, sweeping in its path across the world the hearts of the Lebanese in the diaspora, and bringing them on their feet to unite for their beloved homeland. All as One, standing by Lebanon.

As the upcoming protest in Edmonton has just stated in its message to the Lebanese in Lebanon, all our people in the diaspora are acting under one feeling: “We see you. We hear you. We stand by you.”

Via Lebanese in Edmonton


The Lebanese in Montreal are back on the scene to proclaim it even louder with another peaceful manifestation of solidarity, planned today also spontaneously as they informed us, after their successful protest of Oct 19th. 

Via The961

That event was covered live by our Instagram representative on the ground, and we got to hear the pain some of our Lebanese in Montreal had to share with us and the world. A heartbreaking one was, “You are the reason for our emigration,” blaming the government for the hardships that had caused them to leave Lebanon and rebuild a new life in a new country… while they are aching to go back home.


[Event details redacted – Reason explain in below announcement]

Announcement message from The961 founder:

“The961 will no longer be covering the second protest in Montreal today. Despite being under the banner of solidarity with the Lebanese people, the essence, conversation, and narrative of the organization seem inconsistent with that of Lebanon’s and the 20+ solidarity protests we are covering live on the ground around the world.

Despite carrying a ‘solidarity with Lebanon’ banner, the organization welcomed non-Lebanese causes including that of Syria, Palestine, Sudan, natives of Canada and others.

This is a revolution for Lebanon by the Lebanese people to combat corruption in the government. Nothing more and nothing less.

For once the Lebanese people are coming together to fight for Lebanon. We won’t support the dilution, distraction, or hijacking of the Lebanese people’s fight. And we definitely won’t support the division or alienation among Lebanese people in their own fight.

Non-Lebanese are welcome to attend/support but the only way for this to succeed is if a united Lebanese people fight its own battles for once while focusing on the core issue.

– Anthony B. Kantara
Founder of The961″


These Canadian cities are also holding solidarity protests for Lebanon. Your city of residence could be among them if you wish to participate.

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