Montreal is Organizing a Solidarity Protest Tonight in Support of Lebanon

In solidarity with the ongoing protests in Lebanon, the Lebanese in Montreal are gathering today, Oct 18, at 6 PM Montreal time, in silent protest in front of the Consulate General of Lebanon,  40 Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine, Outremont.


The Fire Relief Lebanon has rushed to obtain the required permit for the city to allow the protest to take place. The call was launched today on social media to all Lebanese in the province of Quebec.

In the words of the organization, quoting: “Over the past 24 hours protests have developed all over Lebanon. The Lebanese government has maintained a sectarian divide amongst the people, leaving us to economic devastation, environmental catastrophe, and heartbreak over corruption. Today, the Lebanese people in Montreal invite you to march as those in Lebanon – regardless of religious and political ties. Together. Let’s fight this corruption and create the secular Lebanon we need.”

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The Fire Relief Lebanon, as stated on their Facebook, is a group of Lebanese who have been deeply touched by the wildfires’ catastrophe, and they decided to help. “We are working directly on the ground, getting in touch with the family and individuals impacted by the horrible effects of the fires and helping,” they state. The group is also running crowdfunding online for that purpose.

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