More Celebratory Shooting Across Lebanon This Year Than Ever Before

@absi81 | @blackmirrorefil

In saying goodbye to what was the most bizarre year for people across the globe, some areas in Lebanon witnessed more dangerous celebratory gunfire than ever before.

Despite the fact that Lebanon froze the validity of civilian firearm licenses, and the ISF’s heavy awareness campaign against celebratory shooting, the archaic and backward tradition of haphazardly shooting bullets in the air persisted without hesitation.

Stray bullets fired recklessly are often the culprit of property damage (to buildings, cars, and more) and more disturbingly the reason for raking up injuries first thing in the beginning of the new year.

In fact, the new year celebration turned dark for many families in Lebanon after many incidents of injuries were reported.

The heavy gunfire took place in all parts of Lebanon from the north to the south, as well as in the east.

According to Lebanon 24, there is preliminary information about a 9-year-old who was sadly killed by a stray bullet that entered his room.

It’s also reported that the barbaric practice led to the injury of several people in Baalbek, including a 2-years-old child.