7 Most Bizarre Lebanese Houses Ever Constructed

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City apartments can get gloomy and monotonous. From one war-torn apartment to the next, they all feel pretty much the same. It’s rare to find homes that stand out from the crowd.

But you’d be surprised at some of these unbelievable homes built in Lebanon. They’re eyecatchers, to say the least.

From a house inspired by the Mseilha Fortress, to a residence that’s solely lived in by ducks…. here are some of the most bizarre Lebanese houses ever constructed.

#1 Airplane House

Top of the list is the airplane house in the village of Miziara, North Lebanon. It is the actual shape and size of the Airbus A380.

Honestly, imagine seeing that from the sky and thinking, “Wait, what? Why is a plane parked right there?”

#2 The Palace of Dreams

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“Qasr el Ahlam” is located in the village of Bakhoun in the Dinniyeh area of North Lebanon. It is the life work and dream come true of a visionary named Mohamad Hawchar.

It reportedly cost $2 million to complete and is made of stones from all over the world. Many who visit it say it resembles the Park Guell in Barcelona.

#3 Pyramid House

This curious house was built in the 90s. Like the airplane house, it was constructed in Miziara, adding to the uniqueness of the village.

As you can tell, this house was obviously inspired by the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Inside the house, it’s no surprise you’ll find also Egyptian themed items, like this rug:

#4 “The Grudge” House

This is probably the thinnest building in Beirut, and it was built out of a grudge.

Once upon a time, in the 1950s, two brothers quarreled over a plot of land they inherited from their father.

One of the brothers, who was left with a weirdly shaped tiny plot of land, decided to build this very thin building on it just to block his brother’s view from the sea.

Hence, the building is called “Al Ba’sa” in Arabic, which, I guess you can say translates to “The Grudge” (to say it politely here).

#5 Greek Temple

This homeowner went all out for his humble abode channeling the Greeks who once took on the Phoenicians of Lebanon… and rule the world.

Guess where it’s located? Miziara – again. Seems like a fun village!

#6 The Lone Wolf

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Let’s start by saying there’s nothing bizarre about this house. It’s gorgeous, classic, and traditional!

However, it stands in the middle of nowhere, all alone, built over a small hill of rocks, kind of inspired by the ancient Mseilha Fortress.

It seems the owners really value their privacy in their Tannourine villa.

#7 Tiny Island House

In the middle of Taanayel Lake, there’s this little tiny island and, on it, is a small shed-like house and it belongs to ducks! How cute!

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