10 Most Popular Careers For Lebanese People

It’s no surprise that we’d start off the ‘most popular careers’ list with doctor, engineer and lawyer. Because that is what’s expected of us. Otherwise, we just need to spend the rest of our lives trying to prove ourselves to the family. This list of the most popular careers is in no particular order.

Most Popular Careers For Lebanese People

#1 Doctor

One of the main professions our parents wanted us to become.

#2 Engineer

Chances are you’ve gotten a job in Dubai.

#3 Lawyer

How else could your family threaten to sue people? “My daughter is a lawyer!”

#4 Fashion Designer

Especially when we have many international designers to look up to like Elie Saab!

#5 Jewelry

Because of our love for shiny things.

#6 “Businessman”

Notice the quotation marks.. let’s not talk about it.

#7 Marketing Manager

Yes, someone needs to manage the social media pages.

#8 Banker

Because of our love for money?

#9 Consultant

Because we always have an opinion.. this is a natural option.

#10 Real Estate

Maybe because of skyrocketing real estate prices in Beirut?

Bonus: #11 Disgrace to Family

We obviously know the truth that we don’t really have much of a choice though..

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