The Most Significant Things That Happened In Lebanon In 2016

2016 has been quite the year for Lebanon. We thought we’d recap the year with the most significant things that happened in Lebanon in 2016. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are all positive, though. We wanted to include everything that happened.


Most Significant Things That Happened in Lebanon in 2016

#1 Jan 25: American University of Beirut turns 150 years old

On January 25th, AUB marked its 150th anniversary.

#2 February 4: Tourism board publish Rise Above Lebanon video


On February 4th, the tourism board published the widely shared Rise Above Lebanon video. The video shows shots from all of Lebanon taken from drones and helicopters (thanks to the Lebanese Army). Over 1.8 million people watched the video.



2 more Rise Above Lebanon videos released for the North and South of Lebanon.


#3 April 22: Beirut Madinati announced candidates in Beirut election

April 22nd, Beirut Madinati announced its list of candidates for the Beirut municipal elections in the capital, promising to implement a progressive agenda to lowers rents and reclaim public spaces. They lost with ~40% of the votes

#4 June 5: Tripoli is the first Lebanese city to get a bike lane

Tripoli becomes the first city in Lebanon to add a dedicated bike lane. It’s 3km long. It was inaugurated on June 3rd, 2016.


#5 July 7: Beirut ranked one of the best cities in the world

On July 7th, Travel + Leisure released their list of the best cities in the world for 2016. Beirut made the list at position 12.

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