The 10 Most-Watched Netflix Titles In Lebanon Right Now!

10 Most-Watched Netflix Titles In Lebanon Right Now!
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As the weekend edges closer, Lebanese movie-lovers and TV binge-watchers race to prepare their next to-watch list to drift away into the amazing world that is the show industry.

Today, Netflix is one of the most popular platforms, if not the top one, in Lebanon for getting hooked on hundreds of different blockbuster movies and shows.

Out of the countless Netflix titles, the following are the most-watched in Lebanon right now:

#10 Friends (Series)

Since it arrived on Netflix a few years ago, this timeless classic of a sitcom gave TV lovers, who hadn’t had the chance to watch it during its 1994-2004 run, to easily catch up on the hype.

The beloved series has found its way into the hearts of a new generation of Lebanese fans and to the 10th spot on Lebanon’s list of favorite titles.

#9 Johnny English Strikes Again (Movie)

Rowan Atkinson’s third iteration of the hilarious spy-genre parody is just as whimsical and amusing as the previous two and has spiked in popularity in Lebanon when it hit Netflix recently.

Johnny English Strikes Again is a great pick for a movie night of endless laughs, and its PG rating makes it more family-friendly than a lot of other comedies.

#8 One-Way To Tomorrow (Movie)

Sentimental, emotional, romantic, and sometimes funny are the moments that crop up after two strangers cross paths on a train and develop an unlikely bond.

One-Way To Tomorrow is a brand new Turkish movie that released on Netflix last week and has since rushed to take a spot on Lebanon’s most-watched list.

#7 Floor Is Lava (Series)

If you’ve ever wondered what a real “The Floor Is Lava” game would look like, you can now find out. Netflix’s Floor Is Lava a game about, well, falling in lava… There are lots of obstacles and some spiders lurking somewhere in between them.

This hot competition show is still in its first season, having just debuted on Netflix last Friday, and is climbing the ranks of Lebanon’s top list on the platform. Don’t let it fall down!

#6 The Order (Series)

Season 2 of Netflix’s young fantasy-horror show, The Order, is here with more dark magic, werewolves, and creepy white faces.

#5 Vikings (Series)

The Vikings series follows the awesome story of Ragnar Lodbrok: An average farmer who rises up to become a legendary Viking hero in the alluring and equally-terrifying world of 8th-9th-century Europe.

The show is very popular among fans of the historical fiction/fantasy genre in Lebanon and around the world.

#4 Feel the Beat (Movie)

This new Netflix dance movie is as heartfelt and witty as it is thrilling and entertaining. It contains great lessons about family (rated 7+) and relationships, and, obviously, a lot of dancing!

#3 Lost Bullet (Movie)

Can’t get enough of cars-and-guns action? Lost Bullet is all about that. A mechanic sets out to find a single bullet that will prove his innocence, and he attempts to get there by firing many others…

The French movie tells a unique story with intense action scenes and is currently the 3rd most-watched Netflix movie in Lebanon.

#2 Modern Family (Series)

Although Modern Family said goodbye to its fans when its 11th and final season ended in April, there’s much to binge-watch for newcomers to this great sitcom, which currently has 9 long seasons on Netflix.

It is #2 in Lebanon right now and Lebanon is loving it!

#1 365 Days (Movie)

“A woman falls victim to a dominant mafia boss, who imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him.” That’s the premise of 365 Days (18+), and Lebanese movie aficionados have spoken: It’s their favorite movie on Netflix right now!

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