A Mother In Lebanon Just Gave Birth To Quintuplets

@nadimhajal | NNA

In a rare case, five twins were born at Saint George Hospital on the morning of May 5th, 2020.

A Lebanese mother gave birth to her three daughters and two sons. The twins are all in good health along with their mother, reported the NNA.

The twins already have an older sister who’s almost 2-years old. Although the parents had planned to have another child, they did not expect the mother would get pregnant with five at once!

High-risk pregnancy specialist Dr. Nadim Al-Hajal at Saint George Hospital has been monitoring the mother.

“The case has been closely followed up to help avoid and treat complications that the mother and fetus may face,” Dr. Al-Hajal explained. “We decided to perform a cesarean section today, Tuesday, 5 May 2020 in the seventh and a half months of pregnancy.” 

They had a successful birth of five premature twins in stable condition. According to the NNA, the pediatrics doctor Dr. Yolla Nassif said that the newborns are in good health and weight, but will spend several weeks in the NICU to overcome the risks of birth and its consequences.

Their father expressed being the happy unsuspecting father of 6, despite the difficult economic situation in Lebanon.

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