Watch “Mother of Anger” Sea Turtle Gliding In Clear Lebanese Water

The Mother of Anger_ Sea Turtle Swimming in Tyre
Instagram / Hamza Jsm

When the Mother of Anger isn’t doing activist work for her fellow sea creatures, she can be seen peacefully gliding about in the deep southern water it calls home.

A video recently recorded by a diver in Tyre, south of Lebanon, has gained thousands of views and reactions on social media. It displays an amazing cinematic-like view behind a sea turtle as the creature slowly makes her way across the soothing blue scenery.

Perhaps the past few months haven’t been as stressful for the sea dwellers as they have for us humans. In fact, it’s probably been the best time of their lives.

Although people in Lebanon haven’t been off the beaches for that long, they’ve been away long enough for the opacity of the water to subside in some areas. It has allowed for a rare clear view of the beautiful depths and the treasures they hold.

In Tyre, one of these treasures is the famous Mother of Anger, one of several sea turtles in the area, that has captured the hearts and admiration of locals.

The beautiful reptile stole the spotlight in August 2019 when she arrived at the shore in Tyre, looking as if she had a thing or two to say about the people who came around to swim in its territory… And perhaps she did.

Taking the opportunity, Lebanon Diving Center had complained back then that some trespassers deliberately search for turtles in the sea, remove them from the water to take selfies with them, and then leave them to struggle outside their natural habitat.

The Diving Center had jokingly said that the turtle was angry with humans for such disrespectful activities and came out of the water to deliver a stern message to the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve.

Nowadays, looking calm as ever in the undisturbed water, with no one around to scold, the Mother of Anger just swims around, giving life to the vast spaces of the sea while looking for less-fortunate lifeforms to ingest.

Witness the never-before-seen serene side of the Mother of Anger in the video below:

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