Mother & Son In Lebanon Arrested For Drug Dealing

Lebanon Security Forces Arrest Drug Dealer & His Mother

Lebanese security forces have arrested a drug dealer, his mother, and a customer of his, in an apartment northeast of Beirut.

In line with its efforts to combat drug dealing, the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) recently received information about a person promoting drugs in an apartment in Bourj Hammoud, in the Matn District, the ISF said in a statement on Thursday.

Extensive investigations led the Branch to the location of the individual, identified as A.H. (35, Lebanese), on May 6th.

After conducting a sensitive surveillance operation, a patrol of the Information Branch raided the apartment and managed to catch A.H. red-handed as he was selling drugs to one of his customers.

A.H. and his customer, J.A. (37, Lebanese), was arrested at the scene, as was the drug dealer’s mother, S.H. (55, Lebanese), who lives with her son in the apartment.

After searching the house, security forces seized an amount of cannabis, narcotic pills, empty medicine containers, medical syringes, rolling paper, and 3 cellphones.

During interrogation, A.H. confessed that he had been selling drugs in his apartment for a year and a half; J.A. confessed that he had abused drugs; and S.H. confessed that she had been aware of her son’s actions, the ISF said.

The required legal action was taken against the 3 detainees, and they were transferred, along with the seized items, to the competent judicial reference.

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