Mothers Of Beirut Blast Victims Protest Against Political Interference In The Investigation

mothers of beirut explosion victims protest

The mothers of the Beirut Explosion victims gathered on Monday in front of Judge Ghassan Ouaidat’s home, protesting against the political interference in the investigation and demanding justice.

The mothers had a talk with Judge Ouaidat who is heard saying, “I left the case and I have nothing to do with it, and you will take your right through Judge Bitar.”

He denied that the Lebanese judiciary is politicized, adding that Lebanese judges work their cases based on “full conscience.”

A public statement from the mothers of the victims responded to Ouaidat on the ground.

“We are no political analysts, nor do we know the proper legal measurements that need to be done. All that we know is that you, as the head of the jurisdiction, integrity and faithfulness are within your position. So why let injustice take place?”

In that, the mothers referred to the obstruction by the parliament to the summons of political figures, notably the caretaker PM Hassan Diab most recently, and its refusal to waive the immunity of parliamentary members to be questioned.

They demanded that all political figures with no exemption be investigated for their involvement, whatever it is, and that no one should be above justice.

Out of anger and pain, they even questioned if Ouaidat’s order to conduct welding work at the port of Beirut makes him also a suspect and if his connections to the political system have to do with him taking decisions in the case, which he had stepped down from.

“The major responsibility [appear to] lie within defending a suspect,” they charged.

“You have the privilege of taking decisions, and you should have stood by the broken victims, but you decided not to do your duties,” they accused him.

Following their statement, the mothers stayed on the ground, protesting in front of Ouaidat’s home, to demand justice for their loved ones.

Over a year has passed since the explosion, which investigation was promised by President Michel Aoun to take 5 days. According to Ouaidat later on Monday, in a vague explanation during an interview with Al-Jadeed, “the case is complex and intricate.”

Once again, turning around the bushes to evade the truth, or telling it, continue to be what the officials have proven to be the best at in the country.

For the people and the observers, this situation is another major evidence of the incapability of those in charge to rule the country’s affairs with honesty, transparency, and efficiency and assume their duties towards the people.

They also bear the responsibility of not only failing to prevent the collapse of the country but also of not budging to save it.

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Mothers Of Beirut Blast Victims Protest Against Political Interference In The Investigation

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