Motorcycles Are Forbidden In Lebanon On Sunday Ahead Of Elections

Middle East Monitor | Al Arabiya News

As a preventative measure under trouble speculations, Bassam Moulawi Minister of Interior and Municipalities issued a ban on motorcycles on Lebanese grounds from 6 am Sunday, May 15th till 6 am Monday, May 16th.

These measures come amidst possible tension incitements between the different parties running for elections.

While delivery men, journalists, law enforcement, and other factions of the government are exempted from this issued degree, other members of society are expected to stick to their cars, public transportation, and ideally their homes.

A general mood of unrest has taken over the country as civilians expect troubles and/or retaliation from political partisans as of Sunday morning.

Based on the country’s political history in the past three years, this ban on motorcycles seems like a direct call-out to the partisans of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement. These group bikers are known to incite trouble or do their rounds as a means of intimidation, as seen on many occasions.

The media has also been among their target, particularly from the Amal bikers, mostly noted with Al Jadeed and LBCI when they arrive in mass numbers at the TV media stations, voicing out their disdain.

Motorcycle trouble also showed up several times during the sit-ins of the Lebanese Revolution with Hezbollah and Amal bikers showing up to terrorize and clash with the people in the streets.

The repetitive offenses have since then tied their image to partisans causing trouble from the backs of motorcycles.

While these measures ring the bell for these parties’ bikers, there are talks among the civilians and reports of different politicians preparing for a possible showdown.

However, according to a 961News source, the Lebanese Army intends to act firmly and swiftly in cracking down on violators and group bikers during the elections to allow people to vote safely.

Concerns regarding the aftermath of the elections could be valid, considering the growing tensions between opposing parties and the disgruntlement of partisans used to intimidate and threaten those who voice their opinions against them.

However, the people don’t intend to be stopped from voting on Sunday, May 15th, and more so because of such ongoing oppression that many want to put an end to with their votes.

This clouded environment of fear within traditional parties comes from the true competitiveness of the alternative independent and civil society lists running for elections this time around.

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