Here’s The Full List Of Who’s Running In the Mount Lebanon I (Jbeil & Keserwan) District In Lebanon’s Elections


With the courageous rise of revolutionary youths, driven by the existential need for deep change in the political arena, many traditional parties are reorganizing their electoral skills to face what is materializing as a tough challenge to their long-standing ruling status in parliament.

Lebanon’s elections are well known for their intricate political schemes and unorthodoxies. This time might not be different, other than the determination of the new free-voices rising from the misgovernance-created crises to bring radical changes.

Lebanon comprises 9 electoral districts, each with a varying number of seats for sectarian representation. Here’s the list of all candidates in the Mount Lebanon I district (Jbeil and Keserwan) for a more detailed look at the status quo:

Note: In the list below, FPM stands for the Free Patriotic Movement, headed by Gebran Bassil.

Candidate NameSectElectoral List
Dominique Bolous TarabayMaronite Capable
Farah Kamel NasserShiaCapable
Boutros Elias KhalilMaronite Capable
Charbel Adel FreihaMaronite Capable
Assad Salim RashdanMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Fares Antoine SouaidMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Mashhur Hasan Haidar AhmadShia Freedom is a Choice
Bahjat Antoine SalamehMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Mansour Fowad Ghanem el-BonMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Moussa Mansour ZgheibMaroniteFreedom is a Choice
Najwa Victor BassilMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Nawfal Yousef NawfalMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Amir MiqdadShia The Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Josephine ZgheibMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Julie DakkacheMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Neemat FremMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Salim SayeghMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Wajdi TabetMaroniteThe Cry of a Nation (Kataeb)
Emile NawfalMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Tony Youssef Khayrallah        MaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Ahmad Hani MiqdadShia The Heart of Independent Lebanon
Chamel Rachid RoukouzMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Farid Jean Heiykal KhazenMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Salim Samir HaniMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Shaker Elias SalamehMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Toufic Jean SalloumMaroniteThe Heart of Independent Lebanon
Ghassan Ghazi Yousef GermanousMaroniteWe Are the Change
Rania Victor BassilMaroniteWe Are the Change
Talal MiqdadShia We Are the Change
Simon Habib SfeirMaroniteWe Are the Change
Zeina KallabMaroniteWe Are the Change
Simon Farid Abi RamiaMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Walid Najib KhouryMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Raed BerroShia We Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Imad Charbel AzarMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Nada BoustanyMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Rabih Moussa ZgheibMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Toni Wehbe KaridiMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Wassim Ramah SalamehMaroniteWe Were and Will Remain (FPM & Hezbollah)
Habib Butrous BarakatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Ziad HawatMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Mahmoud AwwadShia With You, We Can Until the End
Antoine Zakhia SfeirMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Chawki DaccacheMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Joe Sami RaidiMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Karen Patrice Raymond BustaniMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End
Shadi Nasrallah FayyadMaroniteWith You, We Can Until the End

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