16 Mountaintop Sunset Bars To Chill With Your Friends This Summer

@jouroudi | @a_live13

With the summertime rolling near, it’s time to start planning those fantastic local escapades. Along with spending the days away on different beaches, mountaintop sunset bars and restaurants are a must! (Especially if you move to the day3a in summer).

Here are some of the best mountaintop restaurants and bars that Lebanon has to offer:

#1 Jouroudi

Perched on a plateau at 1700 meters high, Jouroudi is one of the most magical places to visit in Zaarour, Lebanon. Spectacular vibes and sunset views are its forte for a night with friends or a romantic date.

#2 Haze

Haze Sunset Bar in Ehden is a self-described first sunset bar in North Lebanon that prides itself on being eco-friendly, earthly, and wild. Haze is an ideal spot that exudes peace and ultimate chill.

#3 Odin

Located in Mzaar Kfardebian, ODIN is one of the highest-rated mountain bars in Lebanon. Visiting groups and couples are advised to arrive before sunset to experience the amazing sight with fantastic music and vibes.

#4 Valhalla

Inspired by Norse mythology, Valhalla is in the village of Kfarakab, Metn is a must-visit for any Vikings fan. The vibes here are mood-boosting and relaxing. Valhalla has good food and drinks. Best of all is the view!

#5 Freya

As if Odin and Valhalla weren’t enough, here’s another Norse-inspired spot: Freya. Hidden in Laklouk, Freya is a supreme summer destination for sunset sightings, bonfire evenings, live food/grill, and also includes a camping area.

#6 The Broad

Located near the LAU campus in Jbeil, The Broad is a must-visit hilltop sunset bar overlooking Byblos. Here, you can enjoy good food and drinks in a wonderful atmosphere watching a magical sunset with a vast view of the mountains and the sea.

#7 Haven The Cabin

Haven The Cabin, also overlooking Byblos, is a fantastic cozy setting with a simple menu that people visit to chill and enjoy the stunning sunset.

#8 Frozen Cherry

Frozen Cherry in Zaarour Club will not fail to meet your sunset bar expectations all seasons long.

#9 The Bevview

The Bevview serves up some amazing vibes in Baskinta where you can enjoy yummy cocktails and a meal with friends and loved ones this summer. There’s a firepit, camping area, and you can even rent a suite.

#10 42 Highlands

The secluded mountain outdoor lounge, 42 Highlands in Akoura, is where to go for extreme chill.

#11 Pine Straw Douma

In the stunning village of Douma, is this peaceful outdoor-nature lounge surrounded by, you guessed it, magnificent pine trees!

#12 Rikky’z

Celebrating its 14th anniversary this year, Rikky’z in the heart of Faraya is famous for its parties all year long. Its amazing view, the great atmosphere that will make you itch to dance, and good food/drinks will leave you a happy customer.

#13 Lavender

Lavender Getaway in Kfarqatra (in the Chouf District) promises to offer jaw-dropping scenery and genuine cuisine and has a cocktail bar and firepit for those cozy summer nights.

#14 Kapital

Kapital in the old souk in Hammana offers a different setting that stands out from the rest. From the striking atmosphere, the music, the food, the drink, and the view, this place is a local favorite.

#15 The Coffee House

Above the clouds, this cozy little café is what coffee lovers’ dreams are made of. The Coffee House & Lounge is located in Ehmej, 15 minutes from Byblos. Its menu includes your basic hot or iced coffees, Almaza beer, iced tea, and shisha for a simple afternoon or evening chill session.

#16 Aeon

AEON Pub is a cozy place in the small town Eghbé, Keserwan, and that is loved for its wonderful view of the mountain and sea. There is also a pool here that is open from 10 AM till 7 PM. The pub opens at 6 PM just in time for the sunset.