15 Mouthwatering Pics Of Lebanese Breakfasts To Start Your Week

@lale.d | @manal.massoud

From your favorite awakening dose of caffeine to your scrumptious morning meals, here are some truly drool-inducing pictures of Lebanese breakfasts to kickstart the week with.

A loaded Labneh sandwich

Like to start the morning with something sweet?

For the coffee lovers out there:

The everything platter

Where to start?

Breakfast with a Lebanese view, doesn’t get any better!

Labneh, zaatar, and everything in between!

Fatteh heaven!

All the man’oush!

Lebanese breakfast…made trendy!

Little Red Riding hood on a Lebanese morning

Savory and sweet!

This is infusing with mountain village breakfast vibes and we love it!

Outdoor breakfasts always win!

Bon appétit! Sahtein!