FPM MP Was Seen Celebrating Birthday With 7 Cakes And No Coronavirus Safety Measures

@ibrahimkanaan.official / @ThawraMap

MP Ibrahim Kanaan celebrated his birthday on Thursday by hosting a large gathering without wearing a mask and respecting social distancing measures and all the while having a table filled with seven cakes and dessert.

What’s ironic, is that Ibrahim Kanaan is the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee in parliament since 2010, meaning he’s in charge of overseeing and studying the financial situation of the country and planning for solutions out of this crisis that has led to the increase in the poverty rate.

If anyone should know better about wasting a large amount of money on food that will eventually be thrown out, it should be him. Yet, he chose to celebrate his birthday with not just one cake, as people normally do, but with 7 while the people he represents are struggling to afford basic necessities.

To make it worse, absolutely no safety measures against COVID-19 were taken, as noticeable in the photos, even after the government announced that Lebanon is set to go under a full lockdown due to an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases and hospitals reach intake capacity.

In fact, Lebanon is now recording “11,000 cases per week and has just surpassed on Thursday the 100,000-mark in coronavirus infections.

Lebanon Just Surpassed 100,000 Coronavirus Cases
AFP/Anwar Amro

People are being ticketed left and right while the health minister keeps urging the citizens to be responsible and adopt preventive measures. However, Kanaan leaves his celebration with absolutely no repercussions even after breaking several legal rules, such as holding a large social gathering, not implementing any safety measures, and not wearing a mask.

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