Another Lebanese MP Just Removed His Name From The “Petition Of Shame”

SYN Media | lebanonfiles

MP Albert Mansour has submitted a written request to remove his name from the controversial “petition of shame” to honor the demands of families of victims of the Beirut blast.

The petition aimed to refer the Beirut Blast investigation to the Supreme Council for the Trial of Presidents and Ministers.

This move would have opened an investigation in parallel to that of the officially assigned investigator, Judge Tarek Bitar, who sought to prosecute several high-profile political and security officials.

The petition was initially signed by over 50 MPs. But after immense pressure from the public and the media, politicians began withdrawing their signatures, leaving only 24 names on the list.

Now, with the request of Mansour to remove his name, there are 23 MPs’ names left. These 23 are being called out for interfering with the investigation, obstructing justice, and seeking to help their peers escape prosecution.

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