Opposition MP Melhem Khalaf Called For A Solidarity Stand To Amend Decree 6433


On Monday, Opposition MP Melhem Khalaf, and on behalf of all Opposition MPs, indicated that what is required today is to unite around one vision of our inalienable right, which is represented by the maritime Line 29.

He considered that what Lebanon is dealing with today is a problem that is being manipulated, and the Israeli enemy has attacked Lebanon’s borders.

“After you turned your back on the economic crisis, to whose account are you wasting these rights today?” MP Khalaf questioned the Executive Authority.

MP Khalaf asked the Executive Authority to:

  • Immediately amend Decree 6433 and adopt Line 29 instead of line 23.
  • The amended decree and its coordinates must be deposited with the General Secretariat of the United Nations, and a warning to any company that will drill or store.
  • File a complaint before the Security Council against Israel because of its threat to civil peace.
  • Send a message against Israel to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

Accordingly, Khalaf called on the Lebanese people for a solidarity stand in Naqoura next Saturday to demand and insist on the above.

On Sunday, an Israeli gas extracting ship crossed Line 29, and up to 5 km from Line 23, which means they are months and perhaps weeks away from the start of the gas extraction in the disputed maritime area in Lebanon.

This constitutes a provocation and a hostile act that could escalate if the UN doesn’t intervene immediately.

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