Another Lebanese MP Just Announced His Resignation Over Beirut Blast

Michel Moawad | @youhannazn

Ever since the deadly explosion that ripped through Beirut, political figures have one after the other resigning from their positions in the government.

The latest to resign is MP Michel Moawad. He is one of 7 MPs to resign so far.

The first to resign was Marwan Hamadeh, followed by Paula Yacoubian, Sami Gemayel, Nadim Gemayel, Elias Hankash, and Neemat Frem.

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قومي من تحت الردم… #بيروت

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In a statement, Moawad said, “Enough is enough… Indeed, enough is enough.”

He noted that we are facing a system that does not want reform, nor to fight corruption, nor does it want neutrality, and insists that Lebanon “down in wars and regional conflicts” to serve their goals.

“After all that happened, they did not accept the international investigation and the government did not resign,” he said. “Nor did any of the officials address the Lebanese, even with a little compassion!”

Moawad was one of the many politicians who called for an international probe into the Beirut explosion which President Aoun strongly rejected.

He finally announced that he has resigned “to overthrow the ruling system and build a sovereign, free, independent, and prosperous state.”

They destroyed Beirut, but we will not let them hijack our dreams and hopes … May God protect Lebanon.