Opposition MP Submits Law To Recognize Crimes Against Protesters Of The Lebanese Revolution

One of the most notorious opposition MPs, Firas Hamdan, submitted a draft bill for an expedited law to recognize the crimes committed by the parliamentary guards against protesters of the Lebanese Revolution.

Firas Hamdan was himself one of the victims that got attacked by law enforcement forces during the protests. He was hit by shrapnel that lodged in his heart on August 8, 2020, which threatened his life.

The parliament guards were reportedly using live ammunition, including pellet bombs, which is a clear violation of Lebanese and international security laws.

Firas Hamdan is considered one of the leading figures of the October 17 Revolution, which brought him to win a seat in the south, Hezbollah’s main stronghold.

Besides recognizing the heinous crimes that the parliament guards had committed, the law suggests that families of injured protesters should be financially compensated.

Recognizing the crimes of the parliament guards would be the first step toward holding them accountable for their crimes.

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