MP Paula Yacoubian Proposed Four Laws To Re-launch The Beirut Blast Investigation


MP Paula Yacoubian held a press conference at the Parliament, during which she presented the four bills she submitted to re-launch the port explosion investigation and to remove all obstacles that hinder this file.

And she said: “Under the first proposal, it is forbidden to stop the judicial investigator in lawsuits against judges unless the General Authority of the Court of Cassation decides that the lawsuit is serious.”

The second proposal regulates the issue of requests to respond to the judicial investigator in a clear text and permits the judicial investigator from automatically using his powers when submitting response requests against him unless the Judicial Council decides to prevent him from his powers.

The third proposal guarantees the prosecution of all suspects before the judicial investigator and the Judicial Council, even if they are essentially subject to their exceptional courts, such as judges, which guarantees the abolition of privileges and trial before one court and the absence of conflicting rulings in one file.

The fourth proposal is to cancel prior permissions or approvals for prosecution, investigation, and trial in the port explosion file because everyone must be under the law and at the disposal of the judiciary in view of the horror of this crime.

For his part, William Noun, brother of the martyr Joe Noun, spoke and said that he had contacted a number of parliamentary blocs to vote on these laws.

MP Melhem Riachy promised him that the Lebanese Forces Party (LF) would vote, and MP Elias Hankash promised him that the Kataeb Party will be supportive, but that the test remains in the vote.

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