This Lebanese Startup Is Revolutionizing Wastewater Management

This Lebanese Wastewater Management Solution Won A Global Innovation Contest

Access to sanitation and recycled water has never been so simple as it will be with the Lebanese startup Mrüna’s impressive solution to wastewater management.

“A formidable alliance among microbiology, IoT (Internet of Things), and SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) that will disrupt the Wastewater Treatment Sector,” is how Mrüna describes its ambitious innovation, BiomWeb.

BiomWeb’s concept revolves around making use of collected wastewater, less than 10% of which usually receives any kind of treatment or recycling.

To put this wasted potential to good use, BiomWeb promotes the development of decentralized networks of nature-based, remotely-monitored wastewater treatment (WWT) systems that require minimal maintenance.

On the ground, these translate to small-scale, self-maintained, and self-sustained facilities dispersed throughout a country, forming a WWT network that is easily accessible and manageable.

What’s especially compelling about BiomWeb is that it provides the ability to treat wastewater on-site, without any need for water transportation, through the use of water tanks that simulate aquatic habitats.

It also eliminates the need to use added chemicals, desludging, or exhaustive investments in infrastructure.

Out of 10 finalists from 7 countries, Mrüna was selected as the winner of the international digital innovation competition InfraChallenge.

Mrüna’s system has the potential to have a powerful impact on WWT in the world.

It is expected to help boost the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 6, which tackles sustainable water management and the provision of sanitation for everyone, according to the Australia-based advisory forum GI Hub, the host of InfraChallenge.

The distribution of informal settlements in Lebanon
A map showing the distribution of informal settlements across Lebanon.
Photo credit: Mrüna

On that note, Mrüna expects its tech-driven system to be adopted by refugee camps and informal settlements, such as those managed by UNICEF in Lebanon.

As the winner of InfraChallenge, Mrüna will receive a funding package of approximately $36,000, in addition to continuous support from GI Hub and MIT Solve to help it implement and develop BiomWeb.

Mrüna will also be granted exposure to the G20’s Infrastructure Working Group.

Moreover, Mrüna is among the 10 Lebanese startups selected to receive funding from the UAE-based Sheraa to support their crucial roles in reconstructing and reviving Beirut in the aftermath of the August 4th explosion.

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This Lebanese Startup Is Revolutionizing Wastewater Management

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