Mufti Tripoli Sheikh Malek Shaar Just Announced His Support for the Protests

The Sunni Mufti of Tripoli and North Lebanon Sheikh Malek Shaar has announced, and in a recorded video that is circulating the social media, that he’s supporting the revolution and demanding the fall of the regime.


Via The Daily Star

In the video, Sheikh Malek Shaar stated that the ongoing revolution is a movement that demonstrates the living conscience of a great and noble people who have released the cry of their suffering from intolerable hunger and social and humanitarian problems that no one can tolerate.

He greeted the determination of the protesters, saying, “I salute the heroic movement carried out by the liberals, heroes, and revolutionaries, and I hope that they will continue their way to achieve the great goal of changing the system in which corruption and tyranny have nested.


He also hoped that the protesters would be aware of those who want to spoil their movement and their demands, and confuse them.

When asked how does he see the role of the clergy in this movement, Mufti Shaar considered that their role should be: “The role of support, encouragement, and blessing because we stand with all the oppressed and all eager people. And we carry people’s concern, and it is not permissible to see one of us far from the demands of the people or the deprived ones.”

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However, on the other hand, he revealed, “There’s no interest in the presence and participation of the clergy in their religious costumes so that we won’t draw attention that this movement has a religious or sectarian character. This movement is civil and we support it […]”

Mufti Shaar concluded by addressing the protesters, saying: “God is with you, and we’re with you and supporting you, and be careful of what we call the fifth column that stands against every civil and reform movement.”

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