A Municipality In Lebanon Managed To Increase Electricity Supply For Its Residents

lebanon24 | @nabatieh.gov.lb

Electricity hours were increased in the town of Nabatieh, south Lebanon, by a good 6 hours after a group of local residents headed to the municipality headquarters to make their plea heard.

Like most Lebanese towns, Nabatieh has been enduring power outages that would last up to 22 hours a day.

The municipality was providing electricity to the residents through its own electricity network, however, the fuel shortage inevitably cut that short.

The group of residents met with the head of the local municipality, Ahmad Kheil, asking for a solution to their hardships and ways to sustain the electricity provided by the municipality’s generators.

In a video posted by the Nabatieh Municipality on its social media accounts, Kheil is seen making calls, including to the manager of transportation in the South, Ismail Rammal, and negotiating the town’s demands.

Lebanon has been suffering from serious electricity issues for over two decades. forcing the Lebanese to rely on generators.

Despite promises and massive funds dedicated to the concerned ministry the past 12 years, the electricity problem developed instead into a crisis that has further exacerbated these past 2 years, and more so in recent days with the fuel crisis.

Today, electricity in Lebanon is so scarce that it has turned from an essential to a rarity very few in the country can claim to enjoy.

Just this week, one of Beirut’s major hospitals had to stop receiving and treating patients, and a major mall has shut down until further notice.

Posts on social media from organizations and institutions are popping up since Thursday announcing the temporary stop of their operations due to the electricity and fuel crises.

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