Municipality of Tripoli is vaccinating 800 stray dogs

Lebanon witnessed a series of dog poisoning in several regions recently. Heartbreaking 


 have been posted online, and activists are hardly working on protecting animals despite the fact that an 

Animal Protection and Welfare Law

 is already in place. Municipalities should be dealing with stray dogs differently such as by finding them shelters or vaccinating them regularly to make sure they do not pass diseases or viruses to people. Killing them should never be an option. The Municipality of Tripoli


that it will be vaccinating 800 dogs this month against rabies which is a deadly virus transmitted through bites or scratches. Dogs affected by rabies can spread the virus to humans or other animals. We would like to see more municipalities taking care of stray dogs properly. Vaccinating them against rabies is not enough, but it’s a start. What’s more important is that people understand that dogs are integral parts of our society and ecosystem.

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