Municipality Workers In South Lebanon Are Protesting For Not Receiving Their Salaries


The Nabatieh Municipality Workers and Employees Union are protesting today in Nabatieh for not receiving their salaries, social assistance, and medical care.

They raised banners with slogans, notably, “We will move in every direction to support the rights of workers and employees”, “The government bears the responsibility for negligence”, and “We want our rights and do not want your quotas.”

The head of the Union, Mazen Mounir Nahle, said that the government has refrained from transferring the dues of the municipalities that have been eroded by the depreciation of the Lebanese lira, the high exchange rate, and the high prices.

The Secretary of the Union of Municipalities in Lebanon, Hussein Wahbi Moghrebel, pointed out that the sector of municipal workers is not subject to any hospital health system or any educational system, but each of them is subject to its own municipality, and there are municipalities that respect the rights of workers and other municipalities that do not.

“Is it fair that the minimum salary is still 675,000 LL which is the price of a fuel can?” he questioned.

Accordingly, all municipal workers demanded that the Ministry of Labor immediately calls for a meeting of the Index Committee in order to amend salaries and transport allowances according to the national currency.

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