Here Is The Municipality’s Side Of The Story Of Hezbollah Kidnapping A Young Girl In Nabatieh

Here Is The Municipality's Side Of The Story Of Hezbollah Kidnapping A Young Girl In Nabatieh
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The961 followed up on the incident of alleged kidnapping by Hezbollah agents of the 14-year-old Waad Shuaib who, according to her father Mahmoud Shuaib, was kidnapped and detained in Nabatieh while conducting a survey about upcoming parliamentary elections.

We got in contact with the Head of the Municipality’s Police Department of Nabatieh, Hussein Bdeir, who accompanied Waad while she was detained.

According to Bdeir, a policeman stationed to manage traffic in Nabatieh noticed two girls filling out surveys about upcoming parliamentary elections.

He approached them and asked them if they had official permission from the municipality to conduct those surveys as such permission is required to ask residents about opinions regarding certain topics.

The girls did not have that, which compelled the policeman to ask them to come with him to the municipality’s center to sort things out.

Bdeir stated that the girls told the policeman that they could not go in without their supervisor, which he understood.

However, as their supervisor was running late, Bdeir himself went up to them and asked them to come with him.

After a lot of convincing, the two girls agreed to go to the center where they were given coffee and asked a few questions about who they work with and what the survey was for.

While recounting the incident to The961, Bdeir kept reiterating that no one had interacted with 14-year-old Waad, but with the grownup who was with her.

When it was time to leave, Waad’s father called her and asked to speak to the man in charge. According to Bdeir, as soon as he picked up the phone, he was treated with “every kind of cuss words” addressed to him and “to the Head of the Municipality, Ahmad Kheil.”

This forced Nabatieh’s municipality to press charges against Waad’s father, Mahmoud Shuaib, who later went on a rant on his Facebook account attacking everyone who was involved in this story, according to Bdeir.

“The girls were not detained,” Bdeir insisted. “They barely finished their cup of coffee and left. I do not know why Hezbollah is being mentioned in the story. They were not involved in this incident in any way.”

It is important to note that The961 got official approval from the Head of Nabatieh’s Municipality, Ahmad Kheil, before sharing this information.

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