Murderer Who Escaped From Sweden Was Just Caught In Palestinian Refugee Camp In Lebanon

The Palestinian man who kidnapped and killed a person in Sweden in 2019 has been caught in Lebanon.

The culprit was found hiding inside Borj al-Barjneh Palestinian refugee camp in the southern suburb of Beirut, according to a statement from the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

The ISF stated that the suspect had fled to Lebanon after committing the crime, but had admitted to the abduction and murder in multiple social media posts.

He bragged that he would not be caught because he was in a place that law enforcement could not access.

The individual has been identified as A.Sh., born in 1998, holds a Swedish nationality and he is wanted by Interpol.

Refugee camps have notoriously been off-limits to Lebanese authorities. For decades, they have turned into a hotbed for crime and organized criminal activities to base their operations.

Occasionally, Lebanese authorities conduct operations to arrest wanted criminals who hide out in the camps.

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