10 Museums In Lebanon That’ll Transport You Back In Time

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Museums serve as captivating portals into the tapestry of human history, showcasing the intricate blend of our past, present, and future.

Housing everything from age-old relics to modern masterpieces, they offer a unique stage to celebrate the abundant diversity of our world.

An excursion to a museum promises an enlightening and educational adventure, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around us that few other experiences can parallel.

No matter your passion – be it art, history, or science – a visit to a museum is essential. Here are 10 must-see museums in Lebanon for your next cultural exploration:

Gibran Museum

Gibran Khalil Gibran’s remarkable legacy lives on in Bcharre’s Gibran Museum, where visitors can explore his New York studio’s contents, including personal items, manuscripts, and over 400 paintings, offering an intimate look into the life of this literary icon.

For more info: 06671137.

MIM Museum

Situated within Saint Joseph University’s Innovation and Sports Campus, the MIM Museum displays a stunning collection of over 1,600 minerals, encompassing 300+ species from 65 countries.

Beyond the mesmerizing crystals, visitors can also enjoy the temporary “FISH’N’STONE” exhibition, showcasing 200 remarkable marine fossils unearthed from Lebanon’s mountainous terrain.

For more info: 01421672.

National Museum of Beirut

Beirut’s remarkable National Museum houses an extensive array of archaeological artifacts, spanning from prehistoric eras to the medieval Mamluk period.

Thoughtfully arranged both chronologically and thematically, visitors can journey through time while admiring pottery, statues, and ceramics.

The crown jewel of the collection, Ahiram’s sarcophagus, boasts the oldest known text in the Phoenician alphabet, making it a must-see for history enthusiasts.

For more info: 01426703

Beit Beirut

Beit Beirut, an exceptional museum in Sodeco, unveils the authentic history of Lebanon through a captivating array of exhibits.

Showcasing photographs, replicas of traditional hair salons and kitchens, and the interactive “Allo Beirut” exhibition, visitors are transported down memory lane while gaining insight into the country’s civil war.

This immersive experience provides a vivid reflection of Lebanon’s past.

For More info: 71028969.

AUB Archeological Museum

Established in 1868, the AUB Archaeological Museum offers a captivating look at pottery’s evolution from the Chalcolithic Age to the Islamic Rule, featuring artifacts and collections sourced from seven countries.

Currently, the museum is exhibiting “YEARNING,” a collection by the talented Azza Abo Rebieh, which showcases paintings that resonate with the Archaeological Museum’s Goddesses of Fertility, on display until April.

For more info: 01759665.

Banque Du Liban Museum

Banque Du Liban Museum, Lebanon’s first money museum located in Hamra, offers visitors an impressive array of domestic and international currencies, featuring rare historic banknotes and coins.

The museum delves into the nation’s cultural, educational, historical, and financial spheres, engaging guests with interactive simulation games and a 10-minute documentary that traces the history and evolution of currency in Lebanon.

This unique attraction is well worth a visit.

For more info: 01750000 ext 6020.

Sursock Museum

Founded in 1961, the Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock Museum, situated in the heart of Beirut, celebrates modern and contemporary art.

Committed to acquiring, preserving, and exhibiting local and international artwork, the museum aims to engage and inspire.

Although it suffered extensive damage from the Beirut blast, forcing a temporary closure, art enthusiasts can once again appreciate its stunning collection following its reopening in May.

For more info: 01202001.


Nestled in El-Heri village, Ras Al Shaqa, the Nabu Museum boasts a diverse collection of around 2,000 items, encompassing contemporary art and ancient relics.

Currently on display is a captivating exhibition spotlighting Beirut between 1840 and 1918, featuring rare collections of photographs, plans, and maps that offer an intriguing glimpse into the city’s past.

For more info: 06541341.


Located in Alita, the Modern and Contemporary Art Museum is devoted to the preservation and promotion of Lebanese modern and contemporary art.

Embracing a contemporary, all-encompassing approach, the exhibition space features two adjacent venues—one for sculptures and another for installation art—complemented by a spacious activities hall and a dedicated children’s corner, ensuring an engaging experience for art lovers of all ages.

For more info: 03322432.

The Soap Museum

A sensory delight in Saida, the Soap Museum invites visitors to uncover the various stages of artisanal soap production, crafted from olive oil and showcasing an array of forms and properties.

The museum displays the techniques and equipment employed in this ancient craft, complemented by a 10-minute film in which Lebanese artisans share their methodologies, dedication, and aspirations to pass down their expertise and passion to future generations.

For more info: 03887688.

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