Watch Musician Escape Reality With Accordion Street Performance In Lebanon

Marwan Tahtah

In this video, somber tunes from an accordion fill the air in a street in Lebanon, as a musician escapes the harsh reality of the country through his music.

Like the residents of the country, the musician is trying to cope with the deteriorating situation. Finding solace by playing his accordion, he chose to spread vibes from his heart to listeners in the neighborhood.

You can even see tiny toddlers watching in awe and stealing looks as the musician passes their building.

With the noticeable white accordion, he seems to be the same elderly man who cheered people up with jolly tunes during lockdown last year. He wore a Santa hat and played his music to lift the spirits in his part of town.

Beirut-based photographer Marwan Tahtah shared a video of the latest accordion performance with a caption that read, “Despite everything.”

Yes, despite everything, troubles can be forgotten in a musical moment; a trance. Despite everything, Beirut still sings tunes, happy or sad, it must continue to live.

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