Muslim men who destroyed a Virgin Mary statue in Lebanon ordered to memorize Quran verses about Mary

Three young men that are between the ages of 16 and 18 were accused of insulting the Virgin Mary in a church in Menjez Akkar. Article 473 of the Lebanese Penal Code states that offending religion is a crime and the offender can spend up to one year in prison.

Judge Joceline Matta had a different perspective on this matter. She believes that education is the best solution. Instead of sending them to jail, she told the young men that they could avoid prison if they memorize several verses of the Surat al-Omran, which praises Mary, from the Quran. Many applauded Matta’s sentencing as it fosters education. Prime Minister Saad Hariri praised Judge Matta for her wise decision that will benefit the men and the Lebanese society.

Kudos to Judge Matta! Education is indeed the only way to put our country on the right track!

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