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7 Must-Try Lebanese Quick Bites In Lebanon

Whether you’re in a rush, on a budget, or just want to tame your craving for a big meal, a quick bite is perfect for you. So here’s a list of the 7 must-try Lebanese quick bites in Lebanon.

#1 Shawarma sandwich at Joseph Restaurant

restaurant joseph

The world’s tastiest sandwich (officially) is a minute away from you. Your choice of chicken or meat with loads, and loads, and loads, of GARLIC.

Location: Sin el Fil – Metn

#2 Soujouk Shawarma sandwich at Basterma Mano

Spicy Soujouk (the Armenian way!) Shawarma with creamy garlic, if you haven’t tried that yet, you’re seriously missing out!

Location: Burj Hammoud

#3 Fatayel sandwich at Mahfouz

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One thing you should not miss if you are in Tyre are these meaty sandwiches prepared in a very particular way. Fatayel are in fact beef filets cut into small pieces and fried afterwards. One of the juiciest sandwiches ever!

Location: Tyre – South Lebanon

#4 Taouk sandwich at Abou Jihad

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Not your average Taouk sandwich. Delicious chicken, coleslaw and turnip pickles, and of course.. GARLIC!

Location: Jal El Dib – Metn

#5 Lahm B’ajin with Debs el Remmen at Abou Joseph

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Imagine the traditional Lahm B’ajin with the freshest meat and pomegranate molasses. Thank me later.

Location: Jal el Dib – Metn

#6 Falafel at Barbar

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Craving a meat-free meal? These Beiruti Falafel are perfect for you. Caution: Crunch ahead.

Location: Hamra – Beirut

#7 Labneh Pesto sandwich at CRUMB

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For the ones eager to try new things, Labneh Pesto won’t disappoint you!

Location: Badaro – Beirut

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7 Must-Try Lebanese Quick Bites In Lebanon

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